Strategic Plan & Updates

Comprehensive Plan

The plan is based on the input from citizens, businesses and government and an assessment of the City’s assets and challenges.

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Strategic Plan

The City of Evergreen will work with others to implement the comprehensive development of the City of Evergreen, consistent with the goals of citizens, business, and other organizations


The City’s strategic goals include the following: ranging from economic development, to quality of life and wellness, to downtown and tourism. Specifically, the long-range goals are as follows:

  1. Increased Economic Opportunity and Infrastructure
  2. Expansion of Economic Development Markets
  3. Economic Development through Retail Recruitment
  4. New Residential Neighborhoods and Housing
  5. Excellence in Education
  6. Improve Health and Wellness (Services/Facilities)
  7. Recreation, Parks, and Facilities for Youth
  8. Create a Walkable Community
  9. Downtown, Arts, and Culture
  10. Attract Tourist and Retirees

Click here to download the complete plan in a printer-friendly pdf format.