Change Ahead

Our city is growing! In today's world, people and business owners alike look for a place where they can grow with the area around them. They also look for the town or city that also offers sometimes, more than one choice for common amenities. People like to have choices, choices in where they eat, shop, pick up and drop off prescriptions, and even get a haircut. All at an affordable price. Business owners, look for a place to set up shop where they can make the most profit, without dropping the price of their product and or services they offer. Low costs on commercial/industrial sites help with business owners making a profit. Our Economic Development team here in Evergreen understands this, and are making our city an ideal place for people looking to relocate and business owners looking to venture out! Check out this section for more information and be sure to check out our Chamber of Commerce website for more additional information. Change is just ahead for our city, don't miss out!